What’s the point of being on this Earth?

Break the rules, get into acting… says Arnold…

But here is some other advice: Wear Sunscreen

So I ‘mistakenly’ posted a more brutally honest critique on my other blog – which isn’t really the blog I’m trying to attract readers to, though if it helps people then whatever, follow it… But I don’t really believe that “CuteColombian” is a real person. But whatever, I could be totally wrong. Coming from a girl eating white ass $1.29 rice-carbs on a Mercury day during a Mars hour. I realize my ambitions align more with being frugal, following passions that are helpful to humanity and creativity. Though I have my own kinks to work out still. Mercury is a great day for communications and mental alertness. On a very positive note, I got a call from a good friend on this Mercury day and got started on at least 2 children e-books (Jupiter hour today). We also went volunteer dog walking during today’s Mars/Sun hour. If you want to connect on Facebook, click here to find the Kozmic Jester page which will include the short version of the Planetary Day/Hour insights.

Finally let’s end on this motivational music filled mix!



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